Landor (Local History) Society

"A Walk through Rugeley"

This was originally issued as a printed, folded, leaflet containing photographs and text. It was edited with minor updates at the end of 2010.  its layout has been modified to make it suitable for on screen reading.

Update: 29/09/12
1, The big bell at Sts. Joseph & Etheldreda Roman Catholic Church
(1) dates from c. 1480 according to bell expert Chris Pickford from a close inspection and much research of the bell which he did in the 1980s  leaving little doubt that the 1546 date (apparently from Alfred Williams 1892 book 'Sketches in and about Lichfield and Rugeley') is wrong.  In 2009 CP wrote an article in the 'Ringing World' about his research. He identified the bell as being cast by Robert Hendley, being originally one of five bells at Brockworth near Gloucester until replaced in 1849 by Taylors who sold it to the Whitworths, who largely paid for the church, in 1850. The bell has no date cast on it.

2, Five of St Augustine's (16) bells have dates of 1706 and one 1707.

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