Landor (Local History) Society

Can you help?

Sometimes we can answer queries from our own resource or where appropriate, we may seek help from an 'expert'.  Sometimes however we 'draw a blank.

From time-to-time we may post requests for your help from our membership or visitors to our website:

  1. Please see our 'From our collections' page
  2. As you are probably aware the Landor Society contributes to the free magazine “City Life in Rugeley”. Each month we provide a photo feature and an article.  We are desperately in need of articles which
    need to be about 400 words and can be on any subject that has some connection with the history of Rugeley and district.  One or two illustrations would be useful, but the Society could probably supply those. 
    Can you help?  If so please contact Marion Kettle.

The Landor (Local History) Society serves Rugeley, Staffordshire and the neighbouring parishes.  We care about the heritage of the town of Rugeley and its surrounding area.
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