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The Landor Society's display will be at Rugeley Library for most of October.  “A Picture of Health” celebrates 70 years of the NHS with a look at health services both pre and post 1948. The display will also be at Longdon Church on Saturday and Sunday 8th & 9th September 2018.


The following is for information only and are not Society events:

also at the Museum of Cannock Chase are an exhibition and three events to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I:

22nd October to 14th December 2018 an exhibition “The War to End All War: the People’s Story.”

Wednesday 7th November 2018 “Tunnelling Warfare in WWI” with Dennis Jackson 3-4pm  £3-00

Sunday 11th November 2018 “The Last Legacy” an exhibition, workshops and walk 12 noon – 3 p.m. 

FreeFriday 23 November “WWI poetry reading” with Tom Wyre 2-3 p.m.  £3-00

The Chase through time” – an exhibition showcasing discoveries made during the LIDAR project will visit several libraries including Rugeley Library in September.The research reports can be downloaded on the following links:

Download the research report:

View the online map:

As part of a collaboration between the National Trust, Oxford University and the ‘TORCH’ Knowledge Transfer Partnership, a workshop on the theme of ‘Admirals and their Families’ is being hosted at Shugborough on 7th Jan 2019 (10.30am-5pm). It is being organised by Julie Farguson, Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford, and forms part of a series of workshops leading to further research into ‘Britain and the Sea’ (working chronology c.1545-c.1994).  This particular workshop will explore the different strategies pursued by naval families and their descendants in their desire to memorialise - or distance themselves from - their maritime worlds, and the social and economic impacts of naval service.

Hayley Mival

General Manager – Shugborough Estate 

Phone 07770851818

The Landor (Local History) Society serves Rugeley, Staffordshire and the neighbouring parishes.  We care about the heritage of the town of Rugeley and its surrounding area.
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