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We will periodically show an item of interest selected from our collections here.

Towards the end of 2014, the Society received a call from Fair Oak School who were clearing a cupboard and came across sport trophies and other items inherited from one of its forerunners, Rugeley Grammar School. They invited to have a look at the items with the aim of providing a home for any that we felt of interest.  We took custody of a cup which, it was presumed, had been used as some type of trophy or award by the school.

Although hallmarked for Sheffield 1863, the cup is inscribed  "Rugeley ARP Warden's Association Challenge Cup".  The original engraved decorated includes bunches of grapes echoing its likely original purpose as a silver wine cup.  

It is supposed that the cup was donated and the inscription added during the period 1938-45.  It is not known how the school came by it or if it was WW2 memorabilia for teaching purposes or used as a reward for a sporting or other activity.

Can anyone provide the Society with information about the cup or how the school came by it?

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