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Dr Pamela Sambrook has a new publication.  “The Servants’ Story: Managing a Great Country House” is a look at the personal lives of the people who served one of the richest families in Britain during the early years of the transition into a modern industrial nation.  Dr. Sambrook uses the Sutherland Papers and other sources to explore life below stairs at Trentham.

Amberley Publishing 2016

ISBN 978-1-4456-5420-1

£20.00 (Hardback) or £9.99 (Paperback)  - also as an e-book £11.86 from Google Play

You may also be interested in "Exploring Local History: a Practical Guide for Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools" by Geoff Timmins.

ISBN: 978-0-948140-03-7

BALH £10.00 plus £2.00 postage


All 238 TITHE  AWARDS for Staffordshire have now been transcribed and can be searched for free on the website  Searches by owner, occupier, parish, township and field name are possible.




The Landor (Local History) Society serves Rugeley, Staffordshire and the neighbouring parishes.  We care about the heritage of the town of Rugeley and its surrounding area.
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